Alright, Let’s Have an Informal C4P Gathering in Waukee, Iowa/Open Thread

Written on:July 31, 2011
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Alright, Let’s Have an Informal C4P Gathering in Waukee, Iowa/Open Thread

It sounds like enough of our non-Iowa readers plan on being in Waukee, Iowa at the time of Governor Palin’s tea party speech on September 3rd at Highland Antique Acres in Waukee, Iowa that we could hold an informal C4P gathering perhaps on September 2nd for dinner before the event and then a dinner after her speech on September 3rd for whomever is still around. We’ll set up an e-mail account next week so we can get a clearer gauge as to how many of you would like to meet up on September 2nd or 3rd in Des Moines, which is the closest big city to Waukee. We can then communicate to you through e-mail as well as our blog posts.

Also, if you do plan on attending the Governor’s speech on September 3rd and if you’ll need non-camping lodging on the 2nd or 3rd, you should probably find a hotel soon because the HyVee Triathlon, a worldclass event with thousands of participants, will be held in Des Moines on September 4th. I think it’s possible to get a discount from a hotel as part of a “Palin group” if enough of us stay at the same hotel. We should have this information available for you next week. As for those of you traveling via an RV, if you’re able to find any information about good camping locations, just let us know.

Judging from the comments on this thread, it sounds like many of you agree with what appears to be the emerging convention wisdom among her supporters that she’ll make her announcement at this event in Waukee on September 3rd as it’ll be the three-year anniversary of her speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention.  However, the one thing that suggests her announcement may not come on September 3rd but a little bit earlier is the campaign schedule.  The debate at the Reagan library is scheduled for September 7th (there also appears to a debate sponsored by Jim DeMint scheduled for September 5th but it’s unclear whether DeMint has commitments from any of the candidates yet).

The reason why the timing may not be the best is because the Governor may want to give “legitimate” pollsters a chance to assess the impact of her formally becoming a candidate before the September 7th debate.  If she gets a significant bounce, as we all hope and suspect she will, from her announcement speech, we want legitimate pollsters to be able to report that to the public before the debate.  She’ll have an advantage in the debate if she goes into it with legitimate pollsters having reported on the bounce she received from a tremendous announcement speech.   The concern is that legitimate pollsters may not have enough time to assess the impact of her announcement before the September 7th debate if she formally enters the contest on September 3rd.

That leads me to believe that her announcement could come sooner than September 3rd, perhaps on August 29th as it would be the three-year anniversary of the date Senator McCain introduced her as his VP candidate.  A formal announcement on August 29th would give legitimate pollsters enough time to assess the impact of potentially both speeches prior to the September 7th debate.  The September 3rd speech in Waukee would then serve as the kickoff to her campaign in Iowa and her first post-announcement speech.

Of course, under this completely speculative hypothetical, most of us planning to be in Waukee Iowa on the 3rd wouldn’t be in attendance for her actual announcement speech.  But I suspect none of us would care.  We’d be too jubilant that she’s in the race.  Showing everyone else that she can draw thousands for a non-announcement speech would be a powerful statement nonetheless.

What else is going on today?

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