America’s Escape From Another Hyped Crisis

Written on:August 30, 2011
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America’s Escape From Another Hyped Crisis

Guest Submission by Ervin Sims

For at least four days, American has been held hostage. You mean you were not aware of it? Sure you were you just did not recognize it for what it was. Now you should know who controls American Media. It is a cabal from the Boston-New York-Washington Metroplex.

For four days we have watched a storm that at its strongest was a level-two Hurricane in the Atlantic rake the east coast of the United States. At the end of the four days they said there were eighteen deaths attributed to the hurricane. Now let me stipulate that even one death is a tragedy, but four days of wall-to -all coverage for this storm? Eighteen deaths?!? How much uninterrupted wall-to-wall coverage did Joplin Missouri get? How many people died there? I don’t think Katrina got this much wall-to-wall coverage and thousands died in that storm.

The reason the editorial boards of CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and the other major networks turned their organizations into competing weather channels was because they all live in the Metroplex. It affected them and to heck with other news that may be impacting the nation. This insight should help us understand the mindset of those who determine the news cycle in the United States. It’s not like in the old days when what’s good for General Motors was good for America, it’s what’s good for the Metroplex is good for America. “Oh well”, they might think, “It might not really be good for the rest of America but who really cares.”

Here are the questions that the editorial boards are asking, is it good for growing the Federal Government? Is it good for Wall Street? Is it good for the national banks headquartered in the Metroplex? Those are the questions that must have a yes answer before they are interesting to the Metroplex Cabal. No wonder they hate Sarah Palin.

Sarah does not come from the Metroplex. She doesn’t come from the Metroplex colony planted on the West Coast. She didn’t go to school at one of the prestigious schools of the Metroplex to be properly indoctrinated into knowing what is really important. When one of the editorial boards tried to buy her with a job and attention, they found out that she could not be bought. To the movers and shakers of the Metroplex she is a clear and present danger. She is more dangerous than a terrorist A-bomb in Baltimore. (Movie reference)

I’m sorry that a hurricane hit the east coast and caused some death and a fair amount of damage. Of course, the nature of the planet is that after the passage of enough time a hurricane is certain to hit the east coast of the United States. However, pay attention to how it will be treated. If I were a betting man I would place a bet predicting that because of this storm the editorial boards will call for increased power for the federal government and with that of course will be calls for increased federal spending. Anyone who opposes it will be called heartless and mean spirited. I wonder if that has ever happened before. Just remember what the current mayor of Chicago once said. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

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