America Needs Sarah Palin

Written on:November 22, 2011
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America Needs Sarah Palin

Guest Submission By Reid Stein

Sarah Palin should be the GOP nominee and it is a downright shame that she is not. Palin represents the best of America: She rose of her own volition and on her own skill to become the most popular executive in America (80% approval rating as Alaska Governor). How did she do it? She governed conservatively and she fought for justice.

Sarah threw out the corrupt Good Ol’ Boys network in Alaska – which is amazing in and of itself. This network of corrupt insiders ruled the state (and its coffers) for years – that is, until Sarah took them on and took them out. Sarah actually cut spending (during the surplus years!) and she accomplished more in two years than most Governors accomplish in two terms (certainly more than a non-entity of a Senator from Illinois accomplished in his two years in Congress before running for President). And so McCain picked her. But she wasn’t ready in 2008 for the assault that comes with being a successful, conservative Republican. Now she is.

On both domestic and foreign policy, Sarah gets it. On domestic policy she is literally shaping the debate in the fight against crony capitalism. Ever wonder why Europe is in crisis and our Blue States are following close behind? Crony capitalism. The relationship between the banks, the politicians and big business and the ability of elites and bureaucrats to live off of productive assets and productive people. These economies represent the antithesis of what made America great – free markets, competition and creative destruction. That’s what Sarah stands for and that’s what her record shows she fought for as Governor.

Foreign policy is no different – Sarah has become the leading voice of conservative America. What does she stand for? For an America that fights for its national interests: Use the military to win wars. Distinguish our friends from our enemies. And stand by those who share our values (For example: Israel, Australia, Canada, perhaps India). Do not fight on behalf of populations whose values are opposite of what we stand for. Do not replace relatively pro-American dictators with outright enemies of the United States. And the right to vote is no substitute for a decent society that is based on justice and individual rights for all.

The sad part is that America is ready for Sarah’s message. We are in a serious age that requires a serious leader. That leader is Sarah Palin.

Run, Sarah, Run!

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