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Written on:September 8, 2011
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Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published in Nov. 2009.

Guest Submission by Jerry Bloom

When I look at Sarah  Palin I see a beautiful woman, but it goes much deeper than that.   She is a  conservative through and through .  Sarah Palin is the closest thing to Ronald  Reagan that has come along in the political arena since his death.   Those of  you who never were a Ronald Reagan fan, well, you probably should stop reading  here.   It’s a waste of your time, and I’m trying to save you some time.  Go do  something else like maybe planning how you’re gonna pay your tremendous tax  burden coming down the line, or maybe plan how you are going to cope with the  outrageous inflation coming your way, or maybe buy some nice books to read while  you’re on the health care line waiting to see a doctor, maybe read Sarah Palin’s  book and find out what really makes her tick.

You see, Sarah Palin  and her values will take us Back to the Future, as the movie title says.  She‘ll  restore old values. Please don’t get nervous when hearing that, because that’s  what this country needs. And for those of you who think she’s capable of handling the job, well, all I can do is steer you to our present leader. Sarah has much more experience than Mr .Obama in running something, running  anything. Some people have this belief that being governor of Alaska doesn’t  mean much on your resume, but it certainly does have meaning. As a governor you  have to produce a budget for the whole state. You have all the intricacies   involved in the job of governor. You’re not a community organizer. You’re a  whole state organizer.  Big big difference!

Sarah Palin draws  crowds wherever she goes, and her book which just came out, has been breaking  records for sales. Sarah Palin is finally opening up and speaking on topics  without being shackled by the McCain people.  To me she is Ronald Reagan in  drag, and I say that in a most complimentary way. Listening to her speak on  the important topics of the economy, the war in Afghanistan,  the pride in  America and the American People, and other topics, I hear Ronald Reagan.  I hear  Ronald Reagan! She is the only individual today even close to Ronald  Reagan’s vision of America.

Now when McCain and  Palin and Obama and Biden were in the presidential race, I went out to eat with  the wife and two friends who were Democrats. When Sarah Palin’s name came up in  conversation,  the wife of my friend said, and I quote:  “Ooh.  Sarah Palin, she  scares me to death.”  I responded, “Why does she scare you to death, and yet,  this inexperienced guy, Obama, doesn’t scare you to death? Why is that?” There  was no response, really, but the reason Sarah Palin scared them to death is  because, number one, Sarah Palin is not a Democrat. Number two, they didn’t  even check out Palin’s  past political experience. See, they didn’t have to  check out Palin’s experience because when you’re a Zombie you go with what your  masters tell you,  “Always Vote Democrat,” and they probably also relied on Tina  Faye to guide them on who to vote for.

Sarah Palin, can you  just see her sitting in a church and listening to a Rev. Wright for 25 years? I  don’t think so. Do you think Sarah Palin would hang around with a convicted  anti-American Terrorist? I don’t think so. Can you just hear Mr. Palin saying  how this is the first time he’s been proud of his country? I don’t think so. Can you see Sarah Palin going abroad and bad mouthing, and apologizing for the  USA? I don’t think so.

Everything Obama  seems to do and believe goes against what the average American believes and  feels. Polls come out against his health care bill, but do they care over there  in Washington?  Heck no.  It’s a power thing with these people, don’t  you  believe it’s anything else.  Compassion? Forget it. It’s power they seek. We  need someone like Sarah Palin to help get this country back on the correct path.  She is traditional, believes in the Constitution, and if you think about it,  for over two hundred years we ain’t done so bad.   Now it’s changing, this  administration is leading us to a different America, an America I don’t want my  kids and grandkids to grow up in.Cross-posted at Liberty Log.

I think back when I  was growing up, and even though I know things change, there are things that do  not change or should not change, and that being Family, Honor, Patriotism,  Respect for Parents and not the Me Me Me stuff. With Obama and his cronies in  the White House, do you sometimes get the feeling there is a foreign government  running the country? I do. Everyday is a new surprise, and it’s usually  something that the American People disagree with, but yet, they keep pressing,  pressing, pressing on with their “To hell with you” attitude. We have to stop  this, nonviolently, and with our votes. It will start in 2010 with the voting,  and then carrying on to 2012. We must shut them down once and for all, and we  must elect someone in the same mind-set and philosophy as Sarah  Palin.

And for those people  who think Ms. Palin doesn’t have a chance to become the first woman president,  or that she is “too dumb” to be president – Well, I believe that after a while  watching Ms. Palin, you will see that “She ain’t so dumb,” and you can look  away, but I believe you just may wake up one morning with the first woman  president presiding over this great country.

In order for this  country to reset itself after this massacre that is taking place to our country  and people, we have to let someone like Sarah Palin take us.


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