Hobbits, The Tea Party And The Wall Street Journal

Written on:July 31, 2011
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Hobbits, The Tea Party And The Wall Street Journal

Guest Submission by Ervin Sims

Recently in the Wall Street Journal, Tea Party members have been called Hobbits. The term was used in what would be considered a pejorative fashion. As I reflected on this two things came to mind. One, I considered who it was that was hurling the name, and two, what a Hobbit really was. After thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I should not be offended.

When one thinks of the Wall Street Journal one must ask: Who are they and what do they represent. The Wall Street Journal is a publication that seeks to look after the interests of big banks, big finance institutions, big business, in essence the wealthy elite of the nation. They are an “establishment” publication.  They are primarily interested in helping those who already have great wealth and great power.  They are on occasion conservative, and they are principally capitalistic.  They are not necessarily pro free market in all circumstances.  They are quite often monopolists.  Their form of capitalist is often manifested in the type of capitalism that is used in the terms “Crony Capitalism” and “State Capitalism.” Note that the terms State Capitalism and Fascism are synonymous.  State Capitalism can define the economies of Nazi German, and present-day China.  It even describes much of the American economy since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Conservatives and Tea Party members must never forget that the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal may on occasion be our allies; they should never be considered our friends.  The views of the Wall Street Journal in regards to economic and social mobility that are the hallmark of the American Dream are only secondary goals of the economic elite whose interest the Wall Street Journal wishes to advance.  You Fox News fans need to remember this as well.

Hobbits, on the other hand reflect many of the values that Americans hold dear, and while the term Hobbit is meant to be demeaning to the conservatives in the Tea Party, let us look at what Tolkien thought of Hobbits. (After all, he created these beings.) Hobbits were hard working. Most were quite honest. Hobbits loved family, friends, and being self-sufficient. Hobbits, while being unassertive and unassuming in normal times (i.e. meek in the Biblical sense) were capable of great courage and self-sacrifice in the defense of those they loved.

In the novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings the hobbits we come to know are quite content to live their lives and mind their own business.  Loyalty and honesty are highly valued.  We best see this in the actions of Frodo and Sam.  It is these Hobbits who display the greatest moral strength.  Frodo carries the ring which is the source of evil to its point of destruction, and Sam is the only one in the whole story that freely gives it up.  Although I am too tall to meet the physical requirements to be a Hobbit, I find it a compliment to be considered the equivalent of a hobbit.  I would much rather be compared to them that the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.

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