Mitt Romney Secures Highly Sought After David Brooks Endorsement

Written on:October 2, 2011
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Mitt Romney Secures Highly Sought After David Brooks Endorsement


…I think the country wants the guy from the rotary club. I think they want the Mitt Romney guy, because we are in a very scary period.”

Brooks warned that if crisis strikes, an aggressive individual like Christie  would be less effective than the more moderated Romney.

“I expect, before the election, there is going to be more bad news from  Europe or somewhere else. And my presumption is, on elections, people always  vote for the candidate who seems safer and more orderly,” Brooks continued. “Obama seemed more orderly than McCain after the financial meltdown. Bush seemed more orderly.  Whether they are really going to want somebody like Chris Christie, who is  rambunctious and big and not exactly orderly, I`m not convinced. I think the  Republicans should be pretty happy with Romney.”

I don’t know what sealed the deal for David Brooks, a man whose mere words can move the conservative grass roots overnight.  Could it be Mitt’s Democrat positions on, well, just about everything?  Or is it the irresistible combination (for Brooks) of Mitt’s perfectly coiffed hair and skinny jeans?  That’s not, after all, an unreasonable basis for the effete New York Times columnist to make an endorsement given that his bromance with Obama was consummated when he observed the future President’s sharp pant crease, after which he predicted Obama would be “a very good president“.  (How’d that work out?)  With Romney, Brooks could have it all: the skinny jeans and the sharp pant crease. Let’s face it; Mitt’s exactly the type of guy who’d iron his jeans. Or, in his case, hire someone to do it.

Anyway, Team Mitt has to feel pretty good about receiving the nod from Brooks, an endorsement which will fit nicely on his metaphorical mantle next to those from Jimmy Carter,  Al Gore, Meghan McCain, Alec Baldwin, and Kathleen Parker, all of whom carry a lot of weight with the Republican Primary electorate. Exit question: Which deep thinker will be next to endorse the Mittster? Tom Friedman? Paul Krugman? Kathleen Sebelius?


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