The Beltway Ambush

Written on:December 29, 2011
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The Beltway Ambush

Guest Submission by Ervin Sims


When is a tax cut not a tax cut?  When it is a Social Security Premium payroll deduction cut.  There has been a lot in the news about how the Republicans in the House of Representatives positioned themselves in a bad light because they wanted to increase taxes.  Much could be made of this issue and we could get into the deep weeds of it all explaining why the Conservative Republicans did what they did in the House of Representatives.  I want to make a point on the tactics of it all.


The Tea Party Conservative branch of the Republican Party was ambushed on this issue.  The beltway Republican Establishment joined with their Progressive allies in the Democratic Party to give the Tea Party Conservatives a black eye.  Why one might ask is the Republican Establishment gang doing this.  The answer is quite simple.  The Republican Establishment has more in common with their Democratic friends than they do with the Tea Party. 

The Tea Party is a clear and present danger to the ruling elite.  The Progressive Elite will do anything to stop them.  They have enlisted the Mass Media ranging from CBS, NBC, all the way to Fox New to destroy them.  Now that it has been a while since a major Tea Party function that has been nationally publicized they think (or at least hope) that the Tea Party is waning.  They have invested about a year building up the Occupy Wall Street protest to diminish the Tea Party.  When people think of the filth and thugs produced by the Occupy people the press can say they are like the Tea Party movement.  Such a libel should never be allowed to stand.


The Tea Party has never been a lock step monolithic organization, so it is easy to distort what their beliefs are.  Now it would appear that perhaps the Tea Party is fracturing.  There are calls for a Third Party.  That sounds so wonderful, but in essence it is a poison pill.  The Tea Party advocates don’t need to create a Third Party.  They need to take over one of the present Parties.  That is why the ambush of the Beltway Republican Establishment makes so much sense.


The Republican Establishment sees the danger of the Tea Party.  They see the growing power of the Tea Party.  They see that some of the Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives cannot be bought, at least not yet.  Therefore they are trying to break their power.  If the backers of the Tea Party get frustrated and/or distracted they will quit electing true Conservatives to Congress.  More go along to get along types will get elected.  That will be the end of the Nation as we have known it.


About two years ago the Tea Party rose up.  The election of 2010 showed their power.  The election of 2012 will show if they are serious.  The election of 2012 will show if freedom loving people can overcome the corruption of Progressivism and Crony Capitalism.  If we fail, then we will all need to brush up on our Marx.  How about this for a quote:  Citizens of America unite; all we have to lose is our freedom.

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